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Lynch Leadership Academy 

See how The Lynch Foundation brought together leaders from three different education sectors to focus on one common goal: enhancing the lives and education of urban students.

The Story

There are a particular set of challenges to teaching children in urban schools, and to ensure students are getting the most out of their education, school’s need strong leaders. It’s the mission of the Lynch Leadership Academy to build those strong leaders. Each year, the Academy brings together 25 highly motivated Fellows from Boston’s district, charter and Catholic schools to build the leadership capacity of urban school principals, so they can enhance the lives of students, their families and their communities.

The Partnership

There would be no Lynch Leadership Academy without The Lynch Foundation, which established the Academy with a gift in 2010. By partnering with The Lynch Foundation the Academy has been able to establish both an Aspiring Principal Program and Sitting Principal Program. Plus, through The Lynch Foundation’s connections with the Lynch School of Education and the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, the Academy Fellows can interact with experts across multiple professions, exposing them to ideas and methods they may have never experienced in a purely academic setting.

The Connections

As the only principal training program in the country that serves the public, private and charter sectors, the Lynch Leadership Academy serves as a model for other educational leadership initiatives. Bringing leaders together from various educational models creates a sort of “academic bazaar,” where ideas and practices can be openly exchanged. Armed with this knowledge, leaders not only bring vitality to their schools, they share it with future Academy Fellows with whom they share a bond.